3 x 3 MPA Tournament

The Milton Pickleball Association held its first tournament since before the pandemic at the Mattamy National Cycling Centre (Velodrome) on March 24, 2022. By all accounts, which included feedback from many of the participants, it went off without a hitch and an enjoyable time was had by all.

Who Was Involved?

We need to acknowledge the folks that organized and ran the event.

First, Paul Crawford, Programs Director for the association, pulled the event together with the skill of someone who had done this a hundred times. Everything was well planned resulting in clockwork precision from beginning to end. Thank you Paul. Job well done!

Second, we want to thank the folks that volunteered to help Paul with keeping things on track. They, without hesitation, ensured that the scores for all players were tallied, that each court had a coordinator ensuring games were tracked and players moved to the proper next court, and a special blast out to Petra Halk, Social Director, who ensured that the Association tee-shirts were delivered and on-site in time for sale to members. We couldn't have run the tournament as successfully without the assistance of the volunteers!


Anna Strachan (Board)Tom HillSam Siu
Stephanie Hamnett (Board)Pat BurnsLee Miljour
Linda Lumb (Board)Frank DaweRita Mainville
Petra Halk (Board)Mary Hampton
And lastly, we want to thank all of the players who came and ensured there was constant excitement in the air. We filled all 9 courts (36 players) and had backup players in the wings just in case. Congratulations everyone!


Allan KoganEllen CrawfordLarry AldersonPeter Thompson
Byron GrantEsra YilmanLeona LoysonReg Burns
Cam RobinsonHamid RashidLeslie McNamaraRomeo Ebreo
Christine KellyHelen RogersLinda KawamotoShun Cheung
Christine KoganIan ClarkeMarg Jones
Theresa Morrison
Christine WigginsJames NeilMario Tan
Tom Brett
Dan PiedraJanice SicardMike Raymond
Tom Kawamoto
David BurtonJohn CassidyMoe Miljour
Walter Kolbakas
Don Mosley-WilliamsKen ThornNaveed Ather
Yaser Sultan


We awarded 2 categories of prizes.

Players that moved up to the next court (or held the Court 1 position) after each round.

High Points
Players that achieved the highest number of points tallied from all games played.

On The Move:  Congratulations to:

Shun Cheung
Ian Clarke
Dan Piedra
Reg Burns
Mario Tan
{Paul Crawford - Event Organizer}

High Points:  Congratulations to:

Men                                        Points
Dan Piedra                               90
Shun Cheung                          92
Reg Burns                                91

            Ladies                       Points
Esra Yilman                                74
Theresa Morrison                     71
Christine Kelly                           70

Photos & Videos

The tournament organizers wish to throw out a big thank you to our "official" photographer, Craig Gidley. His (quite obviously) professional looking images can be found here. For your "every day" quality pictures, click here.

Video of the action can be found here.

Here are a few samples of the action.

The Milton Champion Caught the Action!

Our thanks to George from the local newspaper, Milton Champion, for covering the event.  Janice Sicard and Helen Rogers showed him how it is done!

As well, Colin Best, Ward 1, Halton Regional Councilor visited the event and shared a Tweet from the event with the association President, Bill King.