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Let's Stay Healthy Together

One thing that can be said about Pickleballers worldwide is that we are a tight knit community. We are unique individuals with many levels of expertise in the game, but ultimately, we all come together to enjoy the sport equally. With this in mind, I am proposing that we continue to work together to support each other in our efforts to remain healthy.

The premise of this page is that we each have ways to stay fit - aside from Pickleball – that we can do independently. Long walks on the beach (I wish!), jogging/running, on-line exercise classes like yoga, pilates, weight training, cardio, stationary bike, etc. Why not share with everyone what you like to do. Maybe your share is a few words describing your personal activity and why you enjoy it. Maybe you have a favourite YouTube exercise channel you can share with everyone and why it appeals to you.

Let's get through this together.  We're good at it!

Shared by: Bill King (MPA President)


My wife and I attend a yoga studio in town that we really like. The atmosphere is friendly, and the instructors are awesome. During this downtime the owner is holding classes (empty studio except for the instructor) everyday at 10 am, streaming over Facebook. The class is also taped and available from 11 am. So, my share is that we go out for a run (okay, more like a struggling jog) at 9:00 then return in time to do the yoga class at 10:00. I figure if we can keep up this routine, I’ll be in decent enough shape to jump right back on the court when things get back to normal – and they will get back to normal!

Link to Shunyata Facebook page with both past videos and live streaming: Shunyata Yoga - Milton

March 23, 2020

Shared by: Julia Webster


I subscribe to a YouTube yoga channel - "Yoga with Adriene" and love her classes! She is perfect for beginners and more advanced yoga enthusiasts. If you look her up on Youtube she has a variety of classes. I started with her 30 day challenge called "30 days of yoga," and then went on to "Home, A 30 day yoga journey" and so on. What I like about her is that she teaches the moves instead of just doing them as many youtubers do.
March 23, 2020

Shared by: Ernie Anslow


This is a bit of a no brainer but my suggestion is an escape from the house and hit the many walking trails around town with a brisk walk...I did about 10,000 steps yesterday and really enjoyed the refreshing and exhilarating fresh air. Just have to remember to keep the two metres of social distancing when passing others….maybe carry a tape measure or a two metre walking stick to fight off over friendly people.

To one and all please excuse my weak sense of humor but I justify it by the inspirational lyrics of Jimmy Buffet’s well known song called “Margareteville”: if we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane”.
After the walk, maybe a margarita would serve to enhance any morale problem you could easily acquire. 

March 23, 2020

Shared by: Jim Jones


What a great idea ..... it will be interesting to see what steps others take to keep fit. But here’s the thing, except for twice in my life, and I turn 77 tomorrow, I have never actually ‘worked out’!

The first time I ever ‘worked out’ was in 1962 at The Scottish Police College and, as you might expect, it was mandatory! The second time was in 1965 at The Toronto Police College which was again mandatory!

I can still remember the final fitness test in Toronto. It was called ‘the 15 items test’ and two of the fifteen were 20 push-ups and, believe it or not, holding your breath for two minutes. I confess that I may have miss-counted on the push-ups and my mouth may have opened before the timer sounded! There were about 40 of us in the class, so the Instructors had a tough time supervising, and I am sure there might have been one or two others slipped through!

Anyway, after I hit the streets as a very young Policeman, most of my exercise came from chasing bad guys in Glasgow and Rexdale. I was quite a fast sprinter but if I couldn’t catch them over the first 100 yards .... they were gone!

Luckily we live in Old Milton and can get exercise by walking to the Liquor Store, to get the mail, to get my haircut and when Judi and I go out for supper!

I DO MISS PICKLEBALL ..... and will do my best to be in shape when we get back at it in Rotary Park! 

March 23, 2020


1. Virtual Pickleball Summit - might be of interest to some members.

2. Peloton App Free Trial to 90 Days
Sign up and start your free 90 day trial. No credit card required!
You don’t need their bike to use the app. They offer tons of different classes such as yoga, meditation, running, walking, etc.

***Just to be clear, it’s free without CC info if you download through your phone/tablet App Store**

March 23, 2020

Shared by: Gloria Pennycook


We miss our regular routine of playing pickleball and going to the Y. However with our “at home” gym with bike, rowing machine, free weighs and TV to deal with the boredom factor, it helps. I am also forwarding a note from the Y that can be shared with many short programs of all different lengths. My sister and I are going to try a video call to exercise together. Of course, we are enjoying the outdoors in spaces where there are no other people. Sadly the conservation areas are shut down. We all must practice social distancing if we are ever going to get through this.

March 24, 2020

Shared by: Peter Tikuisis


What to do! Plenty!!

1) Establish a record for the number of continuous tosses of a PB into a wastebasket 20 ft away.
Pickleball Paddle Edge Bounce CHALLENGE - In2Pickle
2) How many straws can you poke through the holes of a PB (not more than one per hole)?
3) Create a sculpture inside a PB.
4) Establish a Guinness record for paddle bouncing a PB.
5) What’s the furthest you can throw a PB and run to catch it?
6) Create an image using straight lines between PB holes and number them, as in ‘connect the holes’.
7) Master the art of juggling PBs.
8) What’s the shortest length of string that you can pass once through each PB hole?
9) Create a musical instrument by plugging various holes of a PB.
10) Finally tired? How long can you sit on two PBs?

Share your best results/creations or simply bring them once we resume PB in the post Covid-19 era.

Cheers & Stay Safe (and sane),

March 24, 2020

Shared by: John Hutchinson


This is an article my brother-in-law published in the Kitchener Record...on how we might best deal with all the changes going on today...not sure if our Milton Pickleball community might benefit from reading well ? Best Regards, John H.

Hello friends:
I had an article of mine published today in the Record (Waterloo Region's daily newspaper).
In the article, I highlight research and my own experience with how we can enhance community and well-being during these challenging times. See
I hope you find it helpful.

April 1, 2020

Shared by: Paul & Ellen Crawford (MPA VP)


We are fairly consistent in our pattern. One day is a long walk or bike ride for an hour or more in the late am. On the following day I do a strength and stretching work out and Ellen does yoga.   We go in the hot tub after to help my back and to relax.   We play a bunch of games in rotation from Scrabble to canasta to Yahtze to cribbage as well as online games. We have binge watched some shows.

Ellen is really missing Pickleball and so am I.  

April 1, 2020

Shared by: Bill King


How to practice Pickleball while stuck at home!

Update to original post.  Shunyata Yoga is now offering an online deal, significantly reduced in price.  Click this link $20/week Unlimited Online Yoga to sign-up.

April 4, 2020

Shared by: Denis Nuad


It is certainly important to keep ourselves physically fit while we are so constrained. It would be easy to stay on the couch but mentally it would be very detrimental.

To stay in shape I rediscovered road cycling which I had almost entirely abandoned in favour of pickleball. I go on a daily 40-50 kilometre ride when the weather is favorable. I try to keep up with my 12,000-15,000 steps a day.
I certainly miss the social interaction that pickleball offers. Hopefully we’ll be back at it in the not too distant future.
Cheers everyone!

April 4, 2020

Shared by: Linda Lumb (MPA Memberships)


Remember that all too familiar sound!?

Linda practicing in her garage: Linda's Share

April 5, 2020